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Beating Boredom

Beating Boredom

You may question the title of this blog if you’re new to university or haven’t started yet. How can you be bored?

After the first few months of freshers, making new friends and getting used to your new classes, the pace of life at university does slow down. In my mind, it’s a good thing – I personally couldn’t constantly live how I did during my first few months of university because I would burn out!

But when everything starts to settle, you’ll find yourself spending more time in your room and you might start to feel slightly bored. This is completely normal and doesn’t last very long. It’s just a big change from that ‘freshers’ lifestyle you were living before.

The first thing I would suggest is invest some time in you. Chances are, in the first few months of university, you spend very little time on yourself because you’re too busy trying to make friends and getting used to university life. Once things have slowed down a bit, it’s a perfect time to do some self-care.

For me, this meant going to the dentist, opticians, and hairdressers! All things I had put off previously because I was too busy. I sorted through my wardrobe, deep-cleaned my room, and made sure the space where I lived was clean and uncluttered. I read a book, started to meditate, and really just tried to reconnect with myself, after months of rushing around and constantly having plans.

After you’ve started at university and are settled into your classes, it’s a great time to assess where you currently are and where you want to be. With my free time, I wrote a plan which had a few of my goals outlined, the timeframe in which I wanted to achieve them and what I would need to do to make them happen. I believe plans like these are really important if you want to be successful, because without a plan, I find myself flowing through life and I don’t reach where I want to be. 

Another thing I did to occupy my time was join a gym. It took up a lot of my time and also helped me sleep better. When I joined, it shocked me how unfit I had gotten! I always went to the gym before I came to university but when I moved to university I stopped completely. Once I joined again, I was really grateful for this extra time that I had because it meant I could work on my fitness again and get back to where I was. 

Feeling bored or lonely at university is completely normal and comes in phases, it never lasts. Your life at university is likely to be completely different from your life back at home, so sometimes it is going to feel a bit weird and foreign. Use those nights when you’re a bit bored to reconnect with yourself and remember what you love!

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